One of my frustrations with technology, and life in general, is how difficult it is to keep track of things. Recently, I decided to sign up for Netlify and build a simple static site for myself.

Upon signing up, I realized that I can’t link my GitHub account with it because I had already signed up for the service earlier, and I don’t recollect when or why.

No way to know when or where it was done, I signed up with an old email, and reset the password, and checked if it had my GitHub account linked. It didn’t. So I deleted this new ‘old’ account. I had no way to know if this was my old account, because Netlify will send you a reset password email for any bogous email you enter, regardless of whether or not you signed up with that email before.

I have done everything at this point. Revoked older Netlify tokens from my GitHub account, deleted my old and new accounts several times and banged my head against the docs for good measure. I have no solution to offer here, except maybe, design your APIs with the thought in your mind that services like GitHub, Google, etc might change underneath you at any time.